We are deal facilitators helping clients raise capital, close sales, enter new markets, secure partners and communicate with a pre-selected audience.

We offer event curation and market research services to help grow our clients’ businesses.

Private Investor Meetings

At Agora Group, we understand that although capital is fundamental, the hand behind it is often even more so.

At our Private Investor Meetings, we pre-qualify investors based on our clients’ needs and facilitate communication between the client and their chosen investors before and after the event.

This “hands on” approach to investor hunting has helped our clients secure investors that elevate not just their capital but also their partnerships, connections and brand.

Events (our own events)

Agora Group curates exclusive, closed-door corporate events that pairs clients with investors, potential partners and government officials.

These invitation-only events are preceded by a selection process that allows clients to choose the C-level executives they’d like to meet at the event beforehand. At the event, clients will have one-on-one meetings with each of their selected delegates, ensuring a maximum return on investment.

Agora Group has replicated its unique “Congress” model in a number of industries, including blockchain, healthcare and cybersecurity.

Private Events (Private C-Level Briefings)

Agora Group’s Private Events are platforms tailor-made to meet our clients’ business development needs.

Whether it’s increasing awareness of a product, meeting with key government officials or selling a service, our Private Events place clients face-to-face with C-level personnel capable of elevating their brand.

At Private Events, clients can focus on meeting their business objectives while the Agora Group team handles all event essentials, including logistics, budgeting, site search and everything in between.

Market Research

We help clients optimize returns and avoid failed launches with our custom-curated market research services.

For companies seeking to enter, expand or release a product/service in the increasingly competitive MENA region, our market research report provides the insight, intelligence and strategy needed for a successful venture.

Event Management

With over 25 years of combined event management experience, Agora Group’s team is an expert in conducting exceptional event services.
Our Event Management service is designed for clients looking to venture into corporate events but do not have the expertise, manpower and/or teams to maximize returns.

With Agora Group, clients can outsource the entire event management process, while still ensuring the title of the event falls under their name.

At the event, our team will handle everything from site search, logistics and budgeting to marketing plan creation, survey evaluations and partner management.