The only congress in the MENA region to explore the opportunities and challenges of disruptive technologies in Healthcare and real-life impact on patients’ outcome and experience.

According to a report by the World Economic Forum, the progress in technology spanning the digitalization of health and healthcare to social media, healthcare information technology (HIT) internet of medical things (IoMT), wearables, sensors, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), nanotechnology, robotics and 3D printing, will together radically transform society, increasing interconnectivity and breaking the structures of healthcare systems.

Similarly, the advances in the discovery and clinical sciences, data science and medical technology and their convergence are paving the way for exciting new developments and have the potential to bring about transformative effects across all aspects of health and healthcare to become much more connected, efficient, preemptive, precise, democratized and affordable.

Tremendous Growth of The Industry

• The global HIT market was valued at US$ 125 billion in 2015, and is expected to reach US$ 297 billion by 2022, with a CAGR of 13.2%.

• The MedTech industry, predicted to grow by nearly US$ 120 billion between 2017- 2022.

• The IoMT market is valued at US$ 41.2 billion in 2017 and expected it to rise to US$ 158.1 billion in 2022.

• The connected medical devices segment (helping to diagnose, monitor and treat patients) of the IoMT is expected to rise from US$ 14.9 billion in 2017 to US$ 52.2 billion by 2022.


Benefits for Start-ups

  • Have exclusive access to Ultra High Networth Individuals, Institutional Investors, Family Conglomerates, VCs, Private Equity, Asset Managers looking for new investment opportunities
  • Meet with decision makers: Pre-arranged virtual one-on-one meetings, in an exclusive environment, with pre-qualified investors of your choice
  • Conduct a 10-minute presentation about your company to more than 60 hand-picked, pre-qualified group of investors from the Arab World (Exclusive to Gold Sponsors)
  • Listen to experts, educators and regulators on the subject of investing in Healthcare Technology companies in the region
  • Network with colleagues and peers from all over the world


  • Ultra High Netwroth Individuals
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Private Equity firms
  • Family office investors
  • Angel Investors


  • The majority are from the GCC (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman)
  • The MENA region (Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, etc.)
  • Europe
  • South East Asia
  • North America


Benefits for Institutional Investors

    In this executive congress, Investors will:

  • Conduct virtual one-on-one meetings with top healthcare technology start-ups from all over the world
  • Learn how to invest in healthcare technology
  • Identify top start-ups
  • Meet the hottest healthcare technology start-ups
  • Listen to expert investors
  • Understand risk management and regulations


Benefits for Solution Providers

  • We pre-qualify buyers
  • We give you a detailed list of attendees, solutions of interest, readiness to buy and budget
  • We pre-arrange virtual one-on-one meetings with qualified buyers
  • 60+ Corporate Buyers attending
  • Limited spots for 10 solution providers
  • Conduct a 10-minute presentation about your company to more than 60 hand-picked, pre-qualified group of Corporate Buyers (Exclusive to Gold Sponsors)
  • Best return on investment. Guaranteed!


Benefits for Corporate Buyers

  • Hand-picked suppliers from all over the world
  • Pre-scheduled virtual meetings with matching vendors
  • Interact with the pioneers of your field
  • Join a community of global peers

The Program


Dr. Amin Hussain Al Amiri

Assistant Undersecretary of Public Health Policy & Licencing Sector, UAE

Ahmad Yahya

CIO, American Hospital Dubai

Ahmed Al Banna

Healthcare Innovation and Transformation Advisor, Engagement Manager, Public Health Consulting, IQVIA

Basem Abu Dagga

Co-Founder & Partner, Aster Global Partners

Basil Moftah

General Partner, Global Ventures

Chrissa McFarlane

Founder & CEO, Patientory, Inc.

Dr. Jassim Haji

President, Artificial Intelligence Society Bahrain

Dr. Mohamad Hamade

Chief Executive Officer, Amanat Holdings

Dr. Osama Elhassan

Specialist, Health Informatics & Smart Health Dept, Dubai Health Authority

Dr. Sarper Tanli

Operating Partner, TVM Capital Healthcare Partners

Dr. Walid Tohme

Partner & ME Healthcare Practice Leader, Strategy & part of the PwC network

Mazin Gadir

Digital Health Expert & Advisor, Healthcare Government Authorities

Saqib Chaudhry

CISO, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

Saqr Ereiqat

Consulting Leader - Government & Public Sector, IBM

Siddharth Saha

Vice President of Research Transformational Health, Frost & Sullivan London, U.K.

Media Partner

Knowledge Partner

Strategic Innovation Partner

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